DZH-120A(B)-190 Multifunctional Custard Pie Automatic Cartoning Machine

DZH-120A(B)-190 Multifunctional Custard Pie Automatic Cartoning Machine



Application range:

Suitable for automatic cartoning and sealing of custard pie, snow cake, bread, chocolate, etc.

 Main performances and structure features:
● Packing forms such as automatic feeding, box opening, boxing, batch No. printing, box sealing, waste rejecting, etc. are adopted. Featured by compact and reasonable structure, simple operation and adjustment.
● Servo/step motor, touch screen, PLC control system and man-machine interface display make operation more clear and convenient. With high automation degree, the machine is more user-friendly.
● The photoelectric eye automatic detection tracking system is adopted. No boxing is made if the bag is empty, so as to save packing materials to the utmost extent.
● With wide packing range and convenient adjustment, fast switching among various specifications and sizes can be realized.
● Change of specifications does not need change of molds, but can be realized through adjustment.
● Automatic stopping is available when the material boxing is not in place, and the main driving motor overload protection device is used, so that the machine is safer and more reliable.
● According to customer requirements, the upturning type safety protective cover is adopted, which is featured by simple operation and beautiful appearance.
●Linked production with the bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, ink jet printer, online weightometer, three-dimensional packing machine and other production lines and equipment can be realized.
● Various automatic feeders and boxing systems can be designed according to different requirements of packing materials.
● According to customer requirements, the hot melt glue machine can be equipped, and the hot melt glue spreading and box sealing and mechanical glue brushing and box sealing can be adopted.