OPM-30 Automatic Napkin wrappping machine


Main performances and structural features:

  1. It adopts human-machineinterface, PLC controland fault diagnosis indication with high automation degree.
  2. It adopts servo motor for automatic film feeding with speed and lengthbeing freely set. The film feeding is smooth and accurate.
  3. It adopts servo drive with stable operation, accurate synchronizationandconvenient adjustment..
  4. It adopts temperature module for temperaturecontrolling with convenient temperature setting and accurate temperaturecontrolling.
  5. It adopts rotary knife for film cutting with easy cutter alignment and wide film cutting width.
  6. While other products are waiting for packing, the heating area will send the finished productsthat have been packed to prevent the quality from being influenced by heat.
  7. While multiple products are packed, various palletizing modes can be adopted to facilitate workshop layout and make product appearance beautiful.
  8. Linked production with the automatic cartoning machine, ink jet printer, boxing machineand other production lines can be realized.

Main technical parameters

Item/model OPM30
Packaging materials OPP,BOPP,CPP,PE(Film)
Film width Max 500mm
Packaging size L(160-350)×W(80-320)×H(40-120)mm
Film roll diameter MaxΦ350mm
Packaging speed 5-30(Package/min)
Air consumption 50-100(L/min)
Power supply 380V,50/60Hz,11.5KW
Machine size Main machine L3870×W1450×H2100mm
Conveying L3800×W570×H760mm
Machine weight 2200Kg