OPR-90B Automatic Soft Drawn Facial Tissue Packing Machine


Application range:

It is suitable for automatic film packing of soft drawn facial tissues, square tissues, napkins, paper towels, etc.

Main performance and structural features:

  1. Packing forms such as batch No. printing (optional), tear-line cutting, film feeding, material feeding, wrapping, end sealing, corner folding, side sealing, outputting and etc. are adopted. Featured by compact structure, beautiful packing and firm sealing.
  2. Multi-servo motor,10″ touch screen, PLC control system and man-machine interface display make operation more clear and convenient. With high automation degree, the machine is more user-friendly.
  3. The automatic material arranging and conveying mechanism is adopted to facilitate linked production with automatic production line, which can greatly reduce labor cost.
  4. The photoelectric eye automatic detection tracking system is adopted. No film movement is made if the bag is empty, so as to save packing materials to the utmost extent.
  5. With wide packing range and convenient adjustment, fast switching among various specifications and sizes can be realized.
  6. The arc and linear guide rails can be adopted to realize more stable running, lower noise and longer service life.
  7. All important parts are provided with the linear torque limiter and overload protector to effectively protect machine safety.
  8. The machine can be connected with the large orbit paper cutting machine at its front end  and with the soft drawn medium packing machine, or case packing line at its rear end.

     Performance technical parameters:

       Item/model OPR-90B
      Packaging form Three-dimensional
    Packing material  CPP film,PE film,BOPP film
  Packing specification Length 130-220mm
Width 80-120mm
Height 20-120mm
  Maximum packing dimensions L220×W120×H120mm
      Packing speed 50-90 bags/minute (adjustable on PLC)
     Heating power 4.35KW
     Motor power 7.7KW
     Total power 12.00KW
   Power supply type 380V 50Hz
   Machine noise ≤80dB
     Air supply 0.5-0.7 MPa
   Air consumption 200-300L/min
Outline dimensions Main machine L4060×W1260×H2300mm
 Conveying mechanism L3225×W480×H830mm
Machine weight About 3200Kg